What we offer

You are a testing laboratory in the field of material, food or environmental analytics and looking for a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), or an alternative to your existing LIMS?

We offer you our world’s leading open source LIMS and accompany you in the modernization and automation of business processes in your testing laboratory.

We see ourselves not only as a software manufacturer for laboratories, but also advise you on the rationalization of business processes, accompany you with the introduction of our LIMS, transfer knowledge through training and provide long-term support and regular maintenance for a reliable productive operation.

We are [Au₇₉]thentic

The success of software depends not only on the quality of the code with which it was written, but also by the acceptance of the people who work with it.

We have been programming open source software from conviction for years, where everyone can view and analyze the source code.

Only software that handles the data with care, where the code is written clearly and precisely and where it meets the highest quality standards is accepted.

Just like our code, we also work with our fellow human beings and customers together - open, honest and mindful.

Only if the people who operate the software are recognized, it is possible to create a software solution that meets the actual needs and finally is accepted by the users.

Our LIMS is [O₈]pen [S₁₆]ource

Our LIMS is the world’s leading open source LIMS that is unrivaled in the amount of provided features, user-friendliness and security.

Grown by real laboratory requirements, continuous feedback from users worldwide, as well as the unique combination of expert knowledge and know-how, we can provide today a professional laboratory system that is convincing through flexibility and excellent usability and in no way inferior to prorpietary solutions.

Our Soulutions are [Sm₆₂]art

Only those who break new ground leave traces.

In contrast to proprietary systems, you invest completely in the customization of the software to your laboratory. The fee for using the intellectual property (licenses) is therefore completely eliminated.

What does not yet fit will be made suitable for you and what does not yet exist is made for you. There are no technical hurdles for us and every new requirement from you is seen as a challenge to expand the system and make it better.

What our customers say about us


Dr. rer. nat. Dipl. Chem. Lutz Kogel, MBA

Global Head of Research and Development at BECHEM
16/01/2018 on LinkedIn

❞ Herrn Bartl gilt mein Dank für seine hervorragende Projektbetreuung und Beratung in der Etablierung, Anpassung und Pflege des LIMS im Unternehmen. Durch seine Erfahrung und Kenntnisse konnten wir in sehr kurzer Zeit eine Laborsoftware mit herausragender Nutzerakzeptanz in einer herausfordernden Umgebung etablieren. Das Open-Source Projekt SENAITE steht dabei proprietären System in Nichts nach und überzeugt durch Flexibilität und hervorragende Bedienbarkeit [⎋] .

Anderson Smith

Licensing and Regulatory Affairs at Valens
15/01/2018 on LinkedIn

❞ Ramon has been a great member of the open source LIMS community. He has contributed much towards the development of the Bika LIMS system and spearheaded the latest releases ensuring that development moved quickly. In the communication channels, he is frequently assisting users with technical questions and accepting new ideas for enhancements to the system. In addition to the contributions to the base system, Ramon developed a powerful JSON API that is now completely integrated into Bika. In addition to the JSON API, Ramon has gone one step further and started the Senaite LIMS system which takes the Bika system and enhances it in many ways for better performance and a modern Bootstrap-based UI.

I look forward to working with Ramon in the future .

Percy Barboza

Solutions Architect at 2degrees Mobile
21/12/2014 on LinkedIn

❞ Ramon has done an awesome piece of work for Plone community by developing a REST JSON interface. He has been of great help in assisting me in my PoC for Plone by customising the REST API. Well done Ramon .