RIDING BYTES was founded on July, 2nd 2015. Ramon Bartl, the owner of the company, holds a degree in applied computer sciences and has many years of experience in web development.

The company name is a homage to the lately experienced partnership with the owners horse “Lucky”. It also symbolizes the relation between the company and its customers, which is based on trust, goodwill and a mutual understanding based on communication.

The rearing horse in the logo stands for the power, beauty and the freedom of the open software solutions the company provides.


The company was started for one single reason: To build better software for human beings. Therefore our mission is to build software solutions, using the most sophisticated and modern technologies available on the market. Always aligned with our strategy: To support free and open source software.


Our vision is a world where the internet is the platform for computer systems. Where data from different sources are available through a single user interface, like a web browser. Where information is displayed when needed, just in the right moment. Where the software adapts to the user and not vice versa.


Our strategy is to provide free and open source software whenever possible. Give and you will receive. This simple but true wisdom is the core belief of the company and its members. Only with the power of the whole mankind it is possible to create something great.